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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mostly pretty pictures...

So busy. Moving house on Monday morning!
No time to write anything really. So I thought I'd pop up pictures of the items that have flown into stock over the last two days!
New Whiskers Lane

New That Vintage

New Polka Dot Rabbit

New Little Shop Of...

New Kabwares

New Polka Dot Rabbit

Back issues of our fave magazines (just scored more Frankie back issues from Justin at RAD Store - thanks Justin!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exciting times indeed!

Papier Mache has just joined our collection of scrumptious magazines!
It's in store right now!
It looks glorious! I sooooo plan on reading my copy when I'm in store next!
It's has joined Paper Runway which is selling very well already to all of our paper-phile Customers!
And swoon!
The My Poppet hot water bottle covers &
Make Your Own Vintage Fabric Bunting Packs have arrived!
Even more marvellous in real life!
So exciting!
I'm off out to my sewing room to make mine now!
I think I'll pop it in the front window later this week!
Then I'll be packing up my sewing paraphenalia ready for the removalists to take to our new home!
Exciting times!

Serenity now!

One of my favourite TV Series ever was Seinfeld.
Seems that I am not alone.
(Well obviously! It did rate rather well!)
The next exhibition at our very favourite Gallery in Newcastle, ArtHive, will be Art Vandelay - curated by the gorgeous
We're hoping to contribute some Junior Mints so you guys
(who will all be going to the opening I assume) will buy lots of them to fundraise to keep the gallery going!
Look I'd tell you more but GO has a Seinfeld repeat on right now.
Priorities. You understand!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It just keeps on giving & giving!

oooooooooooooh issue #1 of Paper Runway Magazine just arrived!

It is just perfect for all of us paper/stationary obsessives!
Just $24.95 & it's quarterly (before you ask!)

One word.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One thing leads to another leads to another....

first I ordered this Beci Orpin Mobile for our new home.
It arrived today!

Oh my! It is so perfect!
I now find myself about to order the B & W version!

On the same day I ordered myself a hot water cosy by My Poppet as I saw them on the Frankie Page & couldn't resist. And I'd already started by buying the Beci Orpin Mobile so why stop now?

Then the gorgeous mastermind of My Poppet, Cinti, contacted me offering to stock them in our shop!
I've popped (get it) mine in the window today as a positive affirmation that the whole range will arrive tomorrow!

I ordered different coloured hot water cosies & then,
of course.....that lead me to also ordering some
Make your own Bunting kits too!
Both are just $25 each RRP which I think is pretty darn fine!

Oh and, speaking of my lovely courier Brian...the latest copy of the Quarterly Ampersand Magazine has arrived!!!
PS Papier-Mache & Paper Runway Magazines aren't far away either!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I like.

I am liking this today. Indeed I am.

Yesterday's news.....

Thanks to Blogger having a meltdown yesterday
(no hard feelings - we all do that sometimes!)
I announced the "I'm thinking of a number..."
winner only on Facebook.
The number I was thinking of was:
So the lovely Dionne from Lambton is the lucky WINNER!
I put the below up on Facebook & Dionne's friend texted her in the Supermarket to tell her the news!
She was a tad excited!

This is what she won!
:: A Lomo Fisheye Camera + one redscale film
:: Oopsidaisi Lavender Sachet
:: Delilah Devine Vintage Wallpaper Earrings
:: Little Shop Of... Alice Hairclips
and a
:: Lauren Carney Sticker Pack

I love giving pressies!
I think I may be as excited as Dionne!
Thanks for bearing with me whilst I took forever to organise the promised giveaway! I know we are over 1000 "likers" already!
A late celebration is better than none though! Yes?
PS In a couple of weeks Sean & I will be all moved into our new home & be able to give our little shop the 100% attention it deserves again! Thanks for bearing with us.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm thinking of a number....

between 1 and 150.
The first of our Facebook "likers" to correctly comment on the "I'm thinking of a number"
status on our Facebook Page with the correct number will be the lucky winner!!
This will be open 'til the end of this week - so ends 5pm Friday.
If noone guesses the correct number by then, it'll be the person closest to it. If more than one person guesses it the winner will be the first to have done so!
(Any numbers put in comments on the blog won't be valid entries.)
The prize will include this white LOMO 35mm Fisheye Camera and lots of other little handmade surprises to be announced during this week!
We're belatedly celebrating reaching 1000 "likers" on our
Facebook Page!
Sorry about the delay - moving house is intense!
PS Only ONE guess per person. Any extra guesses will be ignored.