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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Mrs Fox"

I do think that you should click on the above link.
It will take you to temptation, be warned.
I saw Nyssa's lovely creations in the fashion pages of the current Peppermint Magazine & simply had to go online & support this crafty lass by purchasing this gorgeous necklace I have named "Mrs Fox."
I would also very much like to buy a Robin.
Maybe next week....
If you don't buy it first that is!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Purely for our own amusement Sean & I have bought some
"Hello my name is___________" stickers in bulk; divided them into piles of five; and neatly packaged them. At 5 stickers for $1.00 it is purely silliness & not for profit that's for sure.
So funny. Well it's funny to us.
The other night I wore a "Hello. My Name is: Snot Head Face." when my allergies were driving me to distraction. Too much information? There's lots of silly things you could write like:
"Hello. My Name is: Completely Irrelevant."
"Hello. My Name is: None of your Business!"
Hee hee hee!
We've sold quite a few packs already, so it isn't just us that find them amusing! So there!

Candy Bandit!!

Ooooh do you ever enter Giveaways online & then forget you have?
No? Just me? Well, I am a tad vague.
Recently I won a giveaway that the lovely Gemma from Candy Bandit ran! When I won she even asked me my favourite colours & made my prize specifically for me!!!
You soooooooo should click on the picture of my lovely new Birdy Brooch and go peruse her ETSY store!
I warn you though - it's full of lovely, handmade temptations!

To dream of flying.

Since I left my horrid "day job" I have dreamed of flying.
Soaring above everything & not feeling scared one little bit.
That job was dragging me down....
Feeling so much more in control of my Life now.
Now, if I could just beat these allergies!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We're melting....melting....

Alisons Soy Wax Candles and Melts will be back in store by the end of this week - we have only 2 left so thought I'd best restock!
Made from 100% Soy Wax sourced from Australian companies.
Simply snap off a cube and place it into your oil burner.
Each pack of 6 will scent your home for up to 60 hours.
I've ordered a lovely range of
scents again so the shop will keep smelling de-lic-ious!!
So happy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Further down the road

So. Yesterday was The Day of the Big Move.
It was one intense day.
Pretty exhausting, physically and emotionally.
In the midst of the chaos, I did think to take a few photos for this Blog. Hey - I did shut up shop for the day, it was the least I could do. Our Families will always comes first, I hope you understand.
Can you smell that serenity?
Now?I had my arms out of Mum's car snapping away madly and she was trying to focus on driving on the unfamiliar road whilst worrying I may drop my camera. I did have the wrist strap on Mum! hee hee

I won't share photos of my Sister's new home for privacy reasons, but here is one of the blue tongue lizard we found lazing in her HUGE backyard literally minutes after we arrived. It was pretty tame, just sat staring at us while we stared back. While I was snapping this shot a cockatoo flew over my head. It was such an "I'm out in the Australian Bush" moment.

I am exhausted right now but I cannot WAIT to go back there & just chill out in the fresh countryside air and just sit.

While I'm here I think I'll just let you know that we'll be closed again this year on Darby Street Fair Day. It is on Sunday the 10th of October. ie 10.10.10

When we decided to open another shop, we also decided to do it our own way and we're happy with that. Accordingly, sometimes we will close if our Families need us or sometimes for other reasons. We will always endeavour to give our beloved Customers as much notice as humanly possible.Now that Jen has left town, there is just us - Nici & Sean - to run our shop. We open as many hours as we can whilst still being able to maintain the stock levels. Making the vast majority of our own stock is a tad more time consuming than if we simply ordered it of course! We've certainly made compromises over the past four years and will continue to do so. I honestly do not believe you cannot grow without change and compromise. We just want to make it clear that we mean no offence to our lovely little Community of Stores on Darby Street or to the people who attend these Festival Days by not opening.

Our tiny store is very precious to us and our experiences in the first few Festival Days that we did open were not pleasant to say the least. We're simply not equipped to deal with such crowds. Or that many prams at once. Or hyped up/unsupervised kids. Or people carrying food and drink through/sitting them on random flat surfaces/items of stock that we made by hand.... eeeeek my heart pounds just thinking of it. There is also the incredibly unwelcome prospect of shoplifting by unscrupulous people who frequent these types of events and blend in with the crowds.

We were shoplifted from today actually & it just sucked. It doesn't happen often but it still feels very personal each time it does. Today two LARK soaps were stolen from me and I was cross for hours afterwards. Luckily a friend of the shop (Lindsey) popped in with two of her beautiful friends & cheered me up! She reminded me that most of the people who frequent our little story are interesting & lovely & trustworthy.

You know I think while Darby Street Fair is happening, that we may just be sitting quietly, looking blissfully at the hills and sipping a hot choccie, out the front of The Dungog Cafe.


PS That Blog entry was a LOT longer than planned. I do get a rant on sometimes. xxx

PPS I miss Jen, Jed & Freyja already.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At the risk of repeating myself....

Um we love Frankie.

She's leaving home....bye bye

So, as you probably know, we're not open tomorrow -
Friday 24th September 2010.
This is because Jen is "hooking up the trailer and leaving town."
I hope that nobody takes issue with my decision to close.
I've had signs & flyers all over the store for a fortnight.
I keep reminding everyone on Facebook & MySpace.
I'm not sure how else I could've let people know.
I'm so happy for her, I really am. She's "going country" and has bought the most lovely new home. Well, I've seen it online....
Tomorrow I'll be helping her move from here to there, so I'll see it in the "flesh" for the first time then.
As I said, I'm so happy for her.
But I am going to miss my Sister so very very much!
Poor Sean is going to have to put up with my tears tomorrow night when I get back to town minus Jen.

Goodness Gracious Me!

Diana Mini (35mm) in white! Oh me!!

Fisheye Compacts (35mm) in Bright Red or Blue! Oh my!
And the classic Diana F+ Pack (120mm) is back to boot!
Oh me! Oh my!
Somehow I have managed to squeeze these new options into the LOMO Display shelves! I'm not sure how - it's a blur!
I am exhausted but in a very happy way!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Very soon our Frankie display will be complete!
The rather large package is in the post and should arrive tomorrow!
We almost cannot WAIT to see the new Calendar AND diary!
Plus we know you've all been hanging for the reprinted Afternoon Tea so you can cook yummy cakes & biccies too!
I've been baking once a week using recipes from my copy and finding it so meditative (and YUMMY!)

"2011 frankie calendar

Each month is lovingly hand drawn and features frankie's favourite illustrators from all over the world. Printed on quality art paper, the 2011 frankie is sure to pretty up your wall for a daily dose of frankie prettiness."

"2011 frankie diary

Frankie's first-ever diary is beautifully illustrated, featuring a 12-month calendar, week to a double page layout, birthday reminders and cute notes-to-self section. Presented in a hard cover, cloth-bound book, it's a little bit of frankie goodness everyday of the year."

"Afternoon Tea

This beautifully designed cookbook is filled with scrumptious old-school afternoon tea treats. These 40 recipes, including old favourites such as caramel slice, choc chip cookies and carrot cake, have been hand-picked and handed down through generations. Each recipe has been rigorously tested (or should we say tasted) by the frankie team, so put on your apron and set the table, it’s afternoon tea time."


Sunday, September 12, 2010

So, how have you been?

This is our Frankie devoted desk/shelf whatsit awaiting Afternoon Tea, the Frankie Calendars & the Frankie Diaries. At the moment the space is being happily filled with wares from Polka Dot Rabbit, Sheeps Clothing, Whatever Heather & My Valerie. After we closed this afternoon we headed to Centenary Antiques on the hunt for a new table/shelfy/wooden whatsit. We need more display areas for all of our beloved handmade wares! Naturally, because we were after a particular item, we found little things instead.
These are Cocktail Forks. You can understand why I couldn't leave them - no?

And this is something I have always coveted. It is meant to be used to store reels of thread with but I'm sure I'll be using it to display something(?) in our little store instead!
So mission remains unaccomplished at this stage.
But that's OK. I'm sure the "whatsit" we're after is out there awaiting discovery!
So what did you get up to this weekend?
I would like to know! Feel welcome to comment on any of my Blogs so I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself.
Which I do often.

The ultimate!

This is the ultimate Lomo pack/kit/set/box.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Lately I've been helping Sean out with his screenprinting.

I've been sewing.

And sewing some more.

I've been noticing things around me more.

And Op-Shopping.

I love Op-Shopping.

What've you been up to lately? xxx

Friday, September 3, 2010


If you have the latest issue of our beloved Frankie Magazine you'll have seen this delightful, hand painted side plate. I did. I saw it. I went to Etsy. I bought it. It arrived yesterday & I love it.
Click on either of the above pictures & you'll be transported to the Artist's Etsy store for a drool.