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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

buy local feel happy
I really think that if you buy Locally designed &/or produced items you feel Happier.
(Obviously I do have rather a bias - as a Local Producer/Shopkeep.
But I do try to practice what I preach - except for opshopping
but I think that is a lovely companion to buying Local!!!
Don't you?)
There is so much more satisfaction in buying a limited-run or even a one-off item from someone local, particularly if you know or meet the person who actually made it.
At Blackbird Corner our clothing, bags, badges & cards are mostly designed/produced by myself (Nici); my hubby (Sean); my sister (Jenni) & my niece (Freyja Moon).
My old friends (Tori, Kenny & Elisabeth) and more recent friends made through the shop (Onnie, Jazz, Grace, Ellen, Rose, Sarah, Kristie & Fiona) complete the ensemble nicely!
Now I am not "Ms Wholesome Virtue 2009".
We certainly don't ever intend to come over as superior!
We don't even ONLY sell Locally Made goods!
We also sell a massive range of retro toys, postcards & accessories from all over this planet!We are a rather nostalgic group. If we see something at one of our (trillion) suppliers which jogs a long lost memory - we'll order it on the spot!
Thus the huge assortment of wind up toys, placcy rings, chinese finger traps & Fortune Fish has found their way onto the shelves!
We didn't plan for that to happen I swear!!!!!
Anyways I must cease this RAMBLING & get back to the dreaded end-of-month paperwork!!!
I'd rather be sewing!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy Sundays no more (no complaints!)

So. Sundays used to be my lazy, potter about my shop
day of the week.
The day I tended to topping up the drawers of plastic rings, re-sorting them into colour as I went, and filling up the
hairclips, retro toys etc etc.
Nothing too mentally or indeed physically challenging.
Maybe even had time to read the paper whilst eating lollies that
my hips don't need.
Things have changed of late & of course this is actually
for the best - business wise.
I do concede that shops are there to sell their wares, really I do.
Sundays are evolving. Into tidal waves of frantic Customers all, like, BUYING things.
Now, back in the old days - or old Sundays - this was
sporadic at best.
It is becoming a regular event.
Looks like I'll have to eat my lollies more speedily and
leave my paper in the car.
Buy Local = Feel Happy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My first blog

BLACKBIRD CORNER stocks Limited Run & One Off Clothing + Accessories (+ Cards) designed & created by LOCAL NEWCASTLE people. We are coming up to our 3rd Birthday (in our current store) on 1st July & looking forward to some cupcake action!
And fairy bread! And champagne!

(We previously established a store named SPINSTER WARES in 1996 but after a few years we sold it & ran away to Melbourne for 6 years of adventures. It was the first clothing store in Darby Street Newcastle! The street has certainly evolved - now full to the brim with cafes + clothing stores. Most of these stores stock at least a couple of Newcastle based designers so it's well worth making a day of it! You'll find the inspiring & amazing High tea with Mrs Woo at our previous address these days.)

Our EXCLUSIVE Labels include:
::WAYWARD GIRL - Clothing + Accessories for Women & Little Girls
::LINT - Felt Accessories + Cushions + Necklaces
::MY FASCIST MOTHER - Clothing + Accessories for Women & Little Girls
::ANORAK DESIGNS - Badges + Cards + Screen Printed items for Women, Men & Children
::HEX(6) - Clothing & Accessories for Women, Men & Children
::Freyja Moon Designs - Hand made jewellery
::GANCHILLO - Girls Clothing + Knit & Crochet Accessories
::LITTLE PAT & SNOW by Grace Hewitt - One Off soft felt bird sculptures
::TOR DESIGNS - Recycled & Revamped Vintage slips & Baby Singlets
::Onnie & Jazz - Paper Dolls & Art pieces
::Elly Naan Bread - One off Felt Brooches & Button Bouquets
::Grey Gardens by Sarah & Rose - Whimsical Bird themed One Off stationery sets & cards
::ME & FE by Kristie & Fiona - funky clothing for the little uns

We are closed Mondays (to sew/screen print/do bookwork etc!)
Opening Hours:
Tuesdays 12:00 - 4:00
Wednesdays 11:00 - 5:00
Thursdays 11:00 - 5:00
Fridays 11:00 - 5:00
Saturdays 10:00 - 4:00
Sundays 11:00 - 3:00

Sometimes we will open EXTRA times when we can because we love our little Store!!!!

We also stock an ever growing range of Aussie Magazines:
Wooden Toy Quarterly
Life Lounge
+ Zines from Bird in the Hand Zine Distro
+ Hoopla & Mixtape Zines

+ we have a small but growing range of LOMO Cameras.
WE LOMO to bits!

This BLOG is a work in progress so, if you want to know more/check out photos etc, check out we are also on Twitter.

Yes. I am addicted to the internet.

More soon.

(When I know what I'm doing hopefully!)